What Style Means To Me.

Fashion Fades. Style Is Eternal

– Yves Saint Laurent


Playing around with my clothes is one of my favourite things to do. I love styling different looks just to see how they will turn out. Many of my favourite outfits started out as an accident or a joke; with me thinking to myself how silly or ridiculous it will look. I think it’s because we are so use to ignoring our instincts. When we combine our instincts with out every day clothing we create a unique voice, a message and an identity.

My style is my art. It’s how I express myself. It’s how I rebel or celebrate. It’s how I share myself with you.

For me, style isn’t just clothing: it’s hair, makeup, your corks and imperfections. It’s how you choose to represent yourself. It’s how you express who you are. I think that’s why we admire certain fashion icons; because they dare to wear the styles we shy away from.

I often find myself saying things like “Only you could really pull that look off” and only recently have I reflected on what I really mean – What we all mean.What we are saying is that you have expressed your youness in such a way that I can see it in your style.

When you are not around I am reminded of you in shapes, styles and colours. I think that is a wonderful thing. We have made art in ourselves and with others. We have created something everlasting.

The thing is: you don’t have to be bold to be beautiful or style yourself in their way. Your mark is where you are comfortable. Like a great wine your style will evolve and perfect in time. Don’t be afraid to be daring. Try something bold or maybe something minimal. Step out of your comfort zone and see what awaits on the horizon.


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