Turmeric Face Mask

I just recently heard about turmeric face masks and to be honest, I was a bit skeptical. I love natural remedies but every second blink there is another “ancient” remedy to treat whatever ails you. Ultimately, I bit the bullet and I  have to say that this face mask is pretty awesome. Check it out!

A couple of things swayed me to try this mask.

  1. In my culture, when a bride is getting married she will have  a turmeric mixture applied to her skin. It’s basically milk, turmeric and other random spices. The belief is that this will make the skin smooth, radiate and look new again. Apparently the elders swear that the turmeric is the active ingredient in this mixture.
  2. My grandma told me that my great great grandfather, in Uganda, would drink  Haldee (which is turmeric powder boiled into milk) every night before he went to bed and lived to be 96 years old with no disease. Now, I know that this mask isn’t meant to be ingested – even though given the ingredients you probably could- it made me think maybe there’s something worth exploring here.

The science behind the ingredients:  

S W E E T I E  P I E(3)

  • Turmeric powder

    • Comes from the curium plant and has the following nutrients in it: manganese, iron, vitamin b6, fiber, copper and potassium. All essential to your body.
    • It’s a natural anti-inflammatory. This means that it is able to reduce infection and injury where applied. This is great for acne, black heads, white heads and other lesions to the skin. This is also why the mask will tingle but don’t worry – It’s totally normal!
  • Yogurt

    • Is anti-fungal. This means that is clears up the fungus that cause blemishes and pimples on your skin.
    • The lactic acid in yogurt is believed to help mature skin and prevent premature aging.
  • Honey

    • Is anti-bacterial and loaded with antioxidants. It opens pores, cleans them out and then replenishes them with its hydrating properties.


Acne/oily skin –

  • Add 1 tablespoon lemon juice: It is acidic and when applied to the skin it acts as an disinfectant and it exfoliates your skin.
  • Add 1 tablespoon chickpea flour: Acts a deep skin cleaners and helps to fade dark scars on the surface of the skin.

Dry Skin –

  • Add 1 teaspoon of rose water: Full of antioxidants and vitamins it replenishes dry damaged skin. Some people swear that it reduces eye puffiness!

Sensitive skin-

  • Replace the yogurt with water. The water will dilute the turmeric and honey so that it is not too harsh on your skin.
  • If you often have harsh reactions then I suggest applying a small amount behind your ear first. The skin there is thicker so even if you have a mild reaction, I’d say skip this mask.

  • Turmeric stains everything! It’s a very rich color. Wear black or something you don’t mind getting dirty.
  • You may have to wash your face more than once to get all the color off. Do this mask on a night that you are staying in.
  • Don’t forget to take fun silly pictures with the mask on!

Making the mask

  • All ingredients are a 1:1 ratio. What this means is that the measurement for each ingredient is the same.
    • For example: If you are making the mask just for yourself  then just put 1 table spoon of each ingredient into the mixture. If you are making it for you and a friend then double the ingredients.
  • Mix all the ingredients into a small bowl and whisk. If you do not have a whisk then a fork will do.


  • Wash your face with a mild soap
  • Pat dry with a clean face towel
  • Using a brush or your fingers, apply the mask on your face and neck
  • Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes.
  • Wash off using warm water.
  • Check for any hidden spots behind your ears and on the sides of your neck
  • End by splashing your face with cold water. This will close the pores and prevent any blotchiness

You can apply this mask 1-2 times a month. Depending on your skin’s tolerance to the mask you could do it more or less. Remember to pay attention to how your skin!

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Hope you enjoyed the post! Let me know how your mask turns out!