The Secret to Long Lushes Lashes.


For the lucky few who naturally have ahmazing eyelashes and can skip along their merry way while batting their perfect lashes: We envy you. Oh and watch out for those pot holes or not. Just kidding!
For the rest of us common lash-folk, no matter how many Prada purses we sacrifice to the eyelash gods we are not going to suddenly grow thick, lushes lashes and I’ve accepted that – sort of.

“The secret that I have discovered in my mascara applying road trips is that vibration is good. Now ladies, let be adults here and keep our minds on the pursuit of lash length (ahem).”

What you’ll need:
1.) Eyelash Curler – Sephora Collection – $23.00
2.) Volumizing mascara l’Oreal- $12.99 CND


Why this mascara?
I LOVE this product. From price point to quality: this mascara is the best.
This mascara is smooth, thick and creamy –Yes we are still talking about mascara- it glides easily and hardens quickly; which is great for creating layers. Because of its smooth texture it doesn’t clump as easily as others and it thins out towards the tips of the lashes to create that seamless transition.

TIP: Apply your foundation and eye shadow before you start working on the lashes. Mascara, at least for me, is my finishing touch.

Step 1: Curl those babies good! Get as close to where the lashes and the eye line skin meet. Be careful, as someone who has pinched my skin a few time- it`s not the greatest feeling in the world.
Step 2: Start at the bottom of the lash line and move the brush horizontally with a high frequency but not too wide. You are never actually moving the brush off the lashes, you are shaking side to side a few times and then elongating the brush all the way to the tip of the lashes. This is key to maintain that seamless transition from the bottom of the lashes to the top.
Step 3: Allow the mascara to dry for about 15-25 seconds. We don`t want it to completely dry but we can`t it to no longer be liquidity.
Step 4: Repeat this process as needed. Approximately 3 times. Adjust based on your desired lash length.


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