The cutting edge of Van Fashion Week 2016

Vancouver Fashion Week brings together designers from all over the world. This years VFW is hosted in the Historical Chinese Cultural Centre located in Vancouver’s Chinatown.

I was lucky enough to get a backstage pass to view Friday nights show. Designers brought vision, style and an energy with every stunning outfit. Here are some of my favourite styles of the night.

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Rising Nylons | Melanie Dylis

This style comes from the Melanie Dylis collection. I could not get enough of the sheer black nylons that added an element of badass sophistication to each outfit. This collection blends sheer delicate fabrics, with high-necks, open backs and the undertones of delicate femininity. Say hello to the collection that needs no introduction.




Debutant Glam | Looom

If you want to strut your sex appeal while still keeping that glam style then look no further than Looom by designer Lama Murshid and makeup by Lily CT. Each outfit focuses on the curvature of the female shape and elegance of debutant culture.  This collection brings chivalry back in style. Don’t worry, sexy never left Looom!






Fierce Feminist |  Akshay Wadhwa

This designers is one of Egypt’s very own. His style merged Arabian nights with feminist fire. Fabrics are exotic and each outfit had a unspoken power. This collection reminds me of a scene of of a movie: Women with killer style fighting for equality in a fiery dessert of oppresion. Power on sista!





Backstage | All Access Pass

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