Kitty Cat Halloween Makeup


black filter cat eyes

The Kitty Cat makeup look is a classic and let’s be honest every girls backup for Halloween. This look is simple, easy and always sexy. It consists of outlining, coloring in and practicing a moderately steady hand. Keep in mind that the lines (e.g.: the brows, nose and lips) should be consistent: soft or hard. Both will look good but the look will be cleaner if you keep it consistent. Let’s get started!

What you’ll need:

  • Black liquid liner
  • Black mascara
  • White eyeliner pencil
  • Angle brush (to color in brows) with lack/brown powder or  black/brown eyebrow pencil (*color depends on your hair color. You should go a bit darker than your hair color)

Step 1: Eyebrows

Using your angle brush and powder or eyebrow pencil begin to line the outside of your brows to create a slight point in the arch. Fill in the rest of the brows. Try not to make hard lines. Use a soft edge and lightly curved line when doing the outline.

Kitty Cat Makeup tutorial

Step 2: Eyes

Start the eyeliner thin and moving away from the inside of the eye. Bring the liner up towards the edge when creating the wing. Draw the outline of the winged eye (top and bottom) then colour the rest in

.winged eye

Using the white eyeliner pencil line the inside of the eye (top and bottom) about 15% in

.white silver liner.

Step 3: Creating the nose

Kitty Cat Makeup tutorail CORRECTED 2

(I used a black lining pencil to create the shape and then filled it in with a liquid liner. You can use the pencil if you prefer)

Start by drawing a slightly curved lined across the top of the nose. Curve the edges down towards the lips. Make a straight line from the bottom of the nose and connect the line to the lips. Once the outline is established, color it in.

Step 4: Creating the lip

Kitty Cat Makeup tutorial

Outline the top of lips with the liquid liner. Color in the rest of the lip in once you’ve perfected the lining. This requires a steady hand. Don’t be discouraged if need to fix up a few areas ;).

Step 5: Cheeks


Lastly, you want to create dots on your cheeks. You can use eyeliner pencil or liquid liner. I chose liquid because I have oily skin and the liquid dries well and stays put! Don’t forget to make a fierce face and take a before and after picture.

The before and after….



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