I Like Big Brows and I Cannot Lie

Thickness isn’t just for Beyonce’s thighs anymore.

The full figured eyebrows are back in style and they’re here to stay. Eyebrows are more than just those fuzzy caterpillars on your forehead guarding your eyes. They are a fashion statement waiting to be made, they define your features and are the framework that holds the portrait, that is your face, together.

If we take a quick stroll down memory lane, we can remember a time, not too long ago when the thinner eyebrow were the look everyone wanted. I remember the days of Jlo and her anorexic brows (and her unapologetic low neck dresses -if we can really call that a dress) made us jealous. But these days it looks like we are trading in our slim fast eyebrows for thicky thick thick brows and I couldn’t be more excited!

How to get the perfect eyebrow?

If you are going to create the shape yourself I suggest using the A,B,C rule (look at the photo below). However, i would use it as a rough guideline if your brows are naturally wild (like mine) but follow the natural outline of your brow. You want to thin it out if it’s really thick at the front and thins out towards the end. What i would recommend, if you can, is to get them threaded and have the technician create the brow line you want. That way all you have to do is pluck it weekly to keep the shape and go back for touch ups. Use the picture as guide when coloring the brow in after it’s been shaped. Find your perfect brow shape here.


What if I don’t have much brow hair?

That’s OK! There are a lot of awesome products to help you create the amazing thick brow. I have used both a eyebrow liner pencil and a powder for the brow and like them equally. I would recommend for those who don’t have a steady hand or are new to outlining their brows to go with the shadow because it is much more forgiving. I like Mac’s maleficent eye brows pencil ($17.50 USD) and Bobbi Brown’s brow kit ($47.00 USD). You can find cheaper products that are similar at your local drug store.

Is there such thing as too thick?

Yes and no. It really depends on your face shape. If you have a shorter wider face than there might be a limit to how thick you should go but it honestly depends on your face. You don’t want to go too thick and have them over power your face. You can always play around with the brow pencil and shadow to see what level of  thickness works with your face.



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