Beach Bum Survival Kit

 Never know what to bring for a day at the beach?

Want to look your best without having to break the bank?

Stress no more! The Beach Bum Survival Kit is here!


kiss lips

TIPS for assembling your Beach Bum Survival Kit!


The color palette we are going for are nudes and soft pastel to give us a naturally sun kissed glow. Keep this in mind when applying blush and bronzer.


Remember to adjust your nudes after tanning as you may need to blend in a bit of a darker color to match your new tan.


All products are in Canadian prices. You can find all the products below here locally or they will ship to Canada! We do not do fear of missing out here at Beauty Hacker ;).


And most importantly,  don’t forget to have lots of fun while putting together your Beach Bum Survival Kit!


Beach Bum Survival Kit - Beauty Hacker


Remember to stay hydrated while out in the sun so drink plenty of water!

Enjoy and leave a comment below!

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